Trading of illiquid assets

The trading of illiquid assets is what places an investor on highly profitable risk-to-return positions provided that the arranger is able to ensure a timely and adequate disinvestment and monetization to make sure the return is more than proportionate to the risk inherent to assets.

The illiquid assests OIB manages are non performing loans (NPL) and tax credits. The first usually offered for sale by banks and financial companies to relief the capital ratios. While tax credits are typically produced by specific types of companies  (ie. utilities, building), they can only be divested once and the trade-off can only be of a limited amount.

OIB has acquired a special track record and a significant expertise in managing, trading and collecting NPLs and tax credits. As for NPLs it has been managing both individual or single transactions; while for tax credits it is among the leading Italian players with a special focus on the credits from insolvency procedures.

OIB invests in illiquid assets both directly and through innovative startups running such assets’ trading platforms. OIB boasts a qualified shareholding in TXC Markets srl – a company involved in the design of the first tax credits trading platform freely transferable thanks to a single-product tradable among the platform players.


OIB acts as Advisor in fundraising operations in support of investments in assets and company growth.

OIB – directly or via its partners- structures and manages:

– NPL securitizations
– issuing of financial products to be listed on European stock exchanges
– issuing of financial products for monetization programs
– investment rounds in high-growth startups and SMEs
– bank financing of startups and SMEs 
– M&A operations, also in case of generational handover
– project financing
– corporate turnaround


OIB acts as the Arranger for securitization companies and for clients subscribing notes issued by securitization vehicle companies in dedicated divisions.

The company – before the allocation- is involved at three different stages of operations:

  • definition of the objectives of transaction
  • general structuring of the transaction and choice of the credits package to be divested
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the different finalization options of transaction and design of a final structure

OIB enjoys of an all around knowledge of the asset sub-classes (lease receivables, mortgage loans schemes, NPLs, consumer loans ecc.) in terms of management of these package typologies along with extensive skills in the accurate forecast of the expected performances. 

OIB submits the thorough assessment of credits acquisitions to highly specialized and nationally and internationally leading third companies to conduct a Due Diligence and check the proper nature and collectability of credits within the time schedule defined and agreed based on clients needs. 

OIB delivers its clients advisory services in terms of structure definition and helps them with the selection and building of a portfolio to be securitized when required.