Solvendi Causa 130 – Credits acquisition and Bond issuing

OIB S.p.a holds 100% of Solvendi Causa 130 S.r.l. shares, registered since 03/05/2013 in the Bank of Italy SPVs register; under no. 35068-6, code no. 40101404.89.

Solvendi Causa 130 S.r.l., in its quality as securitization vehicle company is only engaged in the transfer of third parties assigned financial transactions. 

The vehicle companies organization is designed to isolate the SPV obligations from those of the assignor. 

Art. 3 Par. 1 L. 130/1999 sets out that “the assignee company or the company issuing securities, if different, shall, by corporate exclusive purpose, perform one or more credit securitization transactions”.

Solvendi Causa 130 S.r.l. is supported by Zenith Service S.p.a., a major Master Servicer  specializing in the management of structured finance operations in Italy.

Zenith Service is registered as Servicer in the register of financial brokers, Ex. Art. 106 of TUB, (Consolidated Law on Banking) held by the Bank of Italy.

Credit Recovery srl – Receivables Control and recovery

Credit Recovery srl – a company authorized ex art. 115 TULPS – held 65% by OIB and 35% by a group of professional consultants having a proven track record in research, assessment and credit collection, former founders and managing directors of Nova Finanza Spa.

Credit Recovery is a major reference for credit collection on behalf of the more than decennal expertise of its professional consultants.

It also delivers accounting and communication services typically supplied by a sub servicer, as provided under Law 130 on securitization operations.