Investment strategy

OIB is the operational venture partner of businesses and startups, where it can supply capital and added value to accelerate their growth. OIB is a qualified investor and as such is entitled to direct investments and to sponsoring equity crowdfounding campaigns.

OIB first invested in high-potential fintech startups. We are currently studying the dossiers of some startups and SMEs having a clear and sustainable competitive edge and active in fast growing industries.

OIB is a multiplier of investments in equity thanks to the expertise of its management and to a network of professional partners and corporates. With OIB the target company can freely focus its management on the core business, since OIB will take care of the daily management issues and the medium-term growth.



investimenti equity crowdfunding

Favilla is a worldwide aggregator of equity crowdfunding campaigns and platforms.

It will be launched online between March and June 2019 (currently visible a MVP to the website, with a view to:

– providing the expert investor with data driven-information and instruments
– making equity crowdfunding an asset class for savers

Favilla Capital is going to be originator and sponsor of crowdfunding campaigns targeted to startups and VC grades SMEs. It will be investing on average up to 20% of the company target by reversing the traditional profile of the company currently engaged in crowdfunding, that generally features a high appreciation value and inadequate risk to return profiles.

The direct investment in equity crowdfunding campaigns will aim at developing a well-balanced client portfolio, generating traffic directed to the purchaser and attracting even the small savers towards investing in startups and SMEs.

OIB has already invested one million euros Favilla and will be granting the required funds in order to scale up the company to the international scene.


investimenti txc markets

TXC Markets is developing the first marketplace for tax credits trading able to secure liquidity to one of the least liquid though potentially more profitable assets among those available on the market.

The company was founded by Bruno Lorenzelli, a trader based in London and with a ten-years experience in big investment banks for illiquid assets negotiation.

The high-tech platform for assets negotiation by OIX llc and List Group Spa is currently under development.

OIX is a fintech startup having its seat in US, that launched the first enterprise solution to tax credits trading, already operational in several jurisdictions in the States.

List Group is the major Italian developer of softwares for trading supplying all the major Italian and foreign banks.

A due diligence of the yet to be collected receivables will be upon the partner Deloitte, major worldwide player for assessment and audit of tax credits.

OIB invested in TXC by acquiring a qualifying minority share. IntesaSanpaolo then integrated the company investment with a shares convertible loan.