About Us

O.I.B. Open Innovation & Business S.p.a is a financial holding company having its headquarters in Bologna and Napoli.
It was established in 2013 by a group of well-experienced professionals in the field of business consulting and extraordinary finance.


OIB provides advice both directly and through a network of partners on operations like capital market access, company turnaround, merger & acquisition.

OIB is an investment company acquiring shares, in some cases holding the majority, in early or late-stage companies.


OIB targets Professional Investors and Investment Funds by pursuing these values:

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our approach is strongly innovation-oriented, we keep up with the fast and steady evolutionary trend of financial markets; think out-of-the box and challenge traditional positions.


our team features a special accuracy, key cross-disciplinary and highly added-value management skills so to ensure our clients profitable investments.


OIB is a privately-owned listed company having a wide and deep-rooted network of connections but no legal nor operational agreements that would make it depending from one or more banks, financial companies or corporates.

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OIB management can boast an over thrity-year long experience with banks, investment funds and financial companies. It features a high execution rate which leads to time and deliverables optimization.

Track Record

OIB has been the arranger of 50M € transactions on tax credits and is about to finalize a 100M€  and a 350M€  issuing within a securitization of NPLs portfolio.

OIB management team has been involved in investments exceeding 150M€ in private equity operations, venture capital and M&A for a total of over 70 deals ranging from 100k€ to 10M€.

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Key People

emmanuela saggese



Graduated in Economics at the University Federico II in Napoli, with a Master’s programme in Management Control, Emmanuela Saggese is a Chartered Certified accountant and auditor.

Specialized in procedures of admission to listing on Italian Stock Exchange, European Financial Auditor, President of AICEF (Associazione Italiana Commercialisti Esperti in Finanza- Italian Association of Chartered Certified Accountants experts in Finance), member of the Italian financial Council of Chartered accountants, Member of the scientific Committee of the Commission for protection of assets under Management, member of the National Council of the Italian association of Certified Chartered accountants and business advisors.

Chairman of SFS Strategic Financial Solution Plc., a financial holding company and qualified investor having issued financial products listed on EWSM European Wholesale Security Market Malta-Dublin.

Founder of, the first aggregator of equity crowdfunding campaigns platforms.

Chairman and reference investor at TXC, a fintech startup company which developed a tax credit trading platform.

matteo bandini



Prof. Matteo Bandini is involved in the issuing operations of financial products as a contractor, as well as in initial public offering of the said products on regulated markets, in pinpointing and coordinating trade networks.

Graduated with honours at the University of Bologna in 2005 and head for the University of Bologna of EU Fellowship programs as for projects’ progress and performance monitoring since 2007 (i.e. Acume 2: Interface between humanities and hard sciences; Cemmenti: Exchange Program Italy – Malta-Canada; Atlantis EU-US Project: International Exchange Program).

Member of numerous BoD’s and financial committees within EU programs he has been managing on behalf of the University of Bologna, among the others, the EU-Canada Cooperation Program and the US Excellency Program in the field of mobility.


arturo diego migliaccio


Head of Legal and Corporate affairs,  responsible for financial deals supervision and risk management.
Sole Managing Director at Solvendi Causa 130 srl since 2016, it is in the Bank of Italy SPVs Register of authorized to securitization transactions.
Co-founder and board member at Favilla, the first aggregator of equity crowdfunding campaigns platforms.


giovanni de caro


In his twenty years working in private equity and venture capital at Intesa Sanpaolo he has been managing over 70 investments. Member of the BoDs of innovative startups and SME’s. Since December 2016 member of Campania New Steel BoD, the business incubator run by Città della  Scienza and Federico II University of Napoli. Head of the Client Management Development Division of Healthware International from 2016 to 2018, leader in Strategic advice on Digital Health. Since 2018 CEO at Favilla, the first aggregator of equity crowdfunding campaigns platforms and since 2019 CEO at SFS, financial holding and qualified investor having issued  financial products listed on EWSM European Wholesale Security Market Malta-Dublin.