O.I.B. Open Innovation & Business S.p.a is a financial holding company having its seat in Bologna and Napoli.
It was established in 2013 by a group of well-experienced professionals in the field of business consulting and extraordinary finance.

Our services


Trading of illiquid assets

Tax credits. OIB is among the leading Italian players of tax credits secondary market with a special focus on the credits from insolvency procedures



OIB acts as Advisor in fundraising operations in support of investments in assets and company growth

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OIB acts as the Arranger for securitization companies and for clients subscribing notes issued by securitization vehicle companies in dedicated divisions


OIB is the operational venture partner of businesses and startups, where it can supply capital and added value aimed at the growth. OIB is a qualified investor and as such is entitled to direct investments and to sponsoring equity crowdfounding campaigns.


Solvendi Causa 130
Credit Acquisition and Obb Issue

Credit Recovery srl
Credit Management and Recovery


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